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Handmade Goat Milk Soap

  1. Why should I buy handmade soap?

    Store bought soap is actually considered detergent and not soap. Most big-brand soaps use harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin, alcohol that dries the skin, and sometimes even petroleum products. Our handmade soap is made from natural, gentle ingredients that don’t leave the skin itchy, dry or irritated.

  2. Why Goat Milk Soap?

    All milk contains natural emollients, vitamins and triglycerides that help to moisturize the skin and goat milk specifically contains the reputed highly effective moisturizer capric-capryllic triglyceride. People claim that it is less drying and harsh than ordinary soap and is great for those who have sensitive skin or eczema.

  3. Ingredients?

    Every bar of Goat's Milk Soap is made with the following 5 basic ingredients; Fresh Goat's Milk, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic Palm Oil, and Sodium Hydroxide. In addition to these ingredients, we add essential oils, fragrance oils, herbs, botanicals, honey, and sodium lactate.

    All of our bars are labeled with all of their ingredients, so be sure to read them before using to prevent any allergic reactions.

    The sodium hydroxide is no longer present in your soap when you purchase it; but because it is used in creating the soap, we list it as an ingredient.

    Sodium lactate is a naturally derived salt that is used to produce a harder bar. We only use this ingredient in our honey soap because the honey makes the soap softer and we went our customers to receive consistantly hard bars that last.

  4. Is the soap natural?

    We do offer some completely natural soap choices. The soap made with essential oils is natural and our honey soap is natural. Most of our soap is made with fragrance oils which are not completely natural, but our soap is still more natural than a lot of competitors and any brand name soap from stores. We also do not use any artificial colorants, just herbs and botanicals.

    Everything we use in our soap is cosmetic or food grade and safe to use on skin. Be sure to read the ingredients listed to avoid allergic reactions.

  5. Shipping?

    We ship all around the world using USPS.  If you are local to the johnstown area, contact us about drop off/pick up before placing your order to save money.

  6. Returns?

    Due to the nature of soap, we do not accept returns. However, if there is a problem please let us know and we will do whatever we can to make it right.

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