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Don't be fooled!

Posted by saraschrader@live.com on April 23, 2016 at 7:10 PM

How can you tell if the soap someone is selling is the real deal?

1. Feel it!

Handmade soap will feel silky, and hard, while melt and pour soap will feel soft, sticky, and may make your hands sore or itchy.

2. Ask about the ingredients!

If they can't tell you the ingredients or start reading off a long list, BEWARE!

3. Ask how it was made!

If they can't give you a straight answer or a basic explanation, RUN!

At almost every show we do, there is a booth selling melt & pour glycerin soap. Now, while this should not a big deal, it does become a problem when sellers claim it to be "all natural". No soap is 100% natural; however handmade soap is between 85-98 percent natural depending on what additives are used. Unfortunately, melt & pour glycerin soap has very few, if any natural ingredients, as most melt & pour bases are imported and contain some of the same harmful chemicals found in commercial detergents. Please learn how to protect yourself when buying soap by asking the three simple questions listed above.

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